Cybersecurity Webinar: Securing California Rule 21 Networks

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December 13, 2018
9:00 am Pacific


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California Rule 21 Phases 2 and 3 become effective on February 22, 2019. After that time, most new residential and commercial DER systems (solar only or solar plus storage) must be ready to communicate to the host utility using a protocol called IEEE 2030.5. This protocol includes the requirement for Transport-Level Security (TLS) and strong encryption. The implications of this requirement are profound and we therefore invite you to join our discussion on this important topic.

Securing CA Rule 21 Networks Webinar Overview
During this session we will describe the security requirements of IEEE 2030.5 and how they apply to California DER networks comprised of clients (including gateways and smart inverters with embedded communications), aggregators (and their “cousins” known as Energy Management Systems), and utility servers. The talk will also describe cryptography options, credential management, revocation, the general concept of trust chains, and global supply chain implications.

Who Should Attend

  • Manufacturers of networking devices, power conversion devices, or complete DER systems
  • Utility personnel responsible for the implementation of CA Rule 21 systems and processes
  • Fleet operators and owners of DER systems
  • Systems integrators of DER systems
  • Software developers building IEEE 2030.5/CSIP products
  • Professional services personnel responsible for supporting any and/or all of the above

Featured Speakers

Tom Tansy is Chairman of the SunSpec Alliance and the person responsible for developing and executing SunSpec’s cybersecurity practice. In addition to managing SunSpec, Tom also serves on the technical committee for the IEEE 2030.5 standard, serves as principal investigator on a number of California Energy Commission projects tasked with developing CA Rule 21 network technology, and is co-chair of the SunSpec/Sandia Cybersecurity Working Group.

Jay Johnson will be co-presenting to discuss Public Key Infrastructure for CA Rule 21. Jay Johnson is a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories and leads several multidisciplinary renewable energy research projects including the coordination of advanced distributed energy resource (DER) interoperability testing in the United States, Europe, and Asia through the Smart Grid International Research Facility Network (SIRFN). Jay also spearheads a $5M DER management project to provide voltage regulation and distribution protection through state estimation, optimization, and DER communications, runs a laboratory-directed research and development (LDRD) project on Virtual Power Plants to provide ancillary services, and directs a capabilities development and research projects focused on power system interoperability, control, optimization, and cybersecurity.


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