SunSpec Specifications for Approval

SunSpec Specifications that are currently in review for approval.


The SunSpec/Sandia DER Cybersecurity Workgroup created a Patching Subgroup to investigate appropriate recommendations for the DER patching, holding fortnightly meetings for seven months.  The group focused on DER equipment, but the observations and recommendations contained in this report also apply to DERMS tools and other OT equipment used in the end-to-end DER communication environment. This report collates best practices from these standards organizations and establishes a set of best practices that may be used as a basis for future national or international patching guides or standards.

SunSpec 2030.5 / Common Metering Profile

This guide is designed to assist manufacturers, metering system operators, and system integrators with implementing an interoperable metering data retrieval system based on IEEE 2030.5, fostering “plug and play” communications-level interoperability between the metering devices and 3rd party smart devices. 

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