PXiSE Energy Solutions Earns World’s First IEEE 2030.5 Server Certification for Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Management Systems

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PXiSE Energy Solutions, developer of next-generation grid control technology, announces that it has received the world’s first certification for a fully functional Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard (IEEE) 2030.5TM server from the SunSpec Alliance.

The PXiSE 2030.5/SEP2 Server is designed to coordinate hundreds of thousands of customer DERs securely using the public network (Internet). The server implements a strong security profile including Transport Layer Security (TLS) for point to point security similar to those in banking for online transactions. PXiSE has pre-integrated this communications server with the built-in PI data platform within the DERMS solution, helping to save time and lower the overall integration cost for utilities.

Enabled by the 2030.5 Server, the PXiSE DERMS software stack creates an optimal execution schedule for controllable generation, storage resources, and loads by considering historical, forecasted, and real-time data available to the utility.

This breakthrough technology provides utilities with a new, powerful ability to better manage DERs. Utilities can also stabilize and optimize grids that struggle or expect challenges with vast numbers of intermittent renewable resources, energy storage systems, electric vehicles, and other new energy appliances coming online every day.

“We are thrilled to be the first grid controls company in the world to achieve this certification,” said Patrick Lee, PXiSE Chief Executive Officer. “Our technology is built to securely manage large networks of customer DERs in parallel with sub-second control of utility assets. We aim to set the standard for future applications and raise the bar for DERMS performance.”

SunSpec Certification Recognized Internationally

The internationally recognized Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 2.0 standard is an interoperable protocol that connects smart energy devices in the home to the smart grid. In order to achieve SunSpec Certification, PXiSE utilized QualityLogic’s and PCTest’s IEEE 2030.5/Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP) testing tools and services to demonstrate interoperability and conformance to over 70 testing criteria.

PXiSE is the first commercial DER communications server certified by the independent organization, SunSpec, to meet the requirements specified in the IEEE 2030.5 for Smart Energy Profile Application. This standard is supported by many electric utilities across the United States and is gaining support in Australia and Europe. The results of this industry-leading certification are published on the SunSpec website.

PXiSE has deployed the first 2030.5 certified server for a large utility project in Western Australia, where the PXiSE DERMS can manage thousands of utility- and customer-side distributed energy resources including solar, battery energy storage, and conventional generation as a coordinated system that supports grid reliability and stability, helping the utility transition to cleaner and lower cost resources.

To learn more about the PXiSE DERMS technology, please visit www.pxise.com/technology.

About PXiSE Energy Solutions

PXiSE (pronounced ‘pice’) develops next-generation grid control technology. PXiSE microgrid and DERMS solutions unlock the potential of distributed generation to improve reliability and increase renewable energy output while ensuring system balance and power quality. PXiSE brings decades of utility management, field engineering, and software development skills together to develop and implement its industry-leading grid controls technology. For more information visit www.pxise.com.

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