SunSpec Certification

The SunSpec Certified™ program is designed to instill buyer confidence in SunSpec member product solutions by establishing objective criteria for verifying the compliance of communication interfaces of SunSpec member company products.

The SunSpec Certified program culminates 10 years of developing de facto standards that enable solar PV and energy storage systems to interoperate transparently with system components, software applications, financial systems and the smart grid. The program provides DER interoperability, data communications and cybersecurity functionality standards, aligned with international and national protocols, to accelerate industry growth, lower costs and enhance customer confidence.

Initial DER communication compliance programs addressed by the SunSpec Certified program and its Authorized Test Laboratory and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) partners include Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard (IEEE) 2030.5™/Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP), the default communication standard for California Rule 21 and SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown, a de facto standard to achieve compliance with the PV hazard control requirements of the 2017 National Electrical Code®. The SunSpec Modbus interface, which SunSpec has been certifying under an earlier SunSpec certification program, will soon be added to the mix.

The SunSpec Certification program takes a holistic approach to compliance testing, security, and communication of results and quality control.

SunSpec Certified Program Components Include

Communication protocol interoperability testing by SunSpec Authorized Testing Laboratories.

Security compliance testing.

Security certificate provisioning (PKI).

Product registry with API.

Open source system validation and testing tools.

Continuous improvement and development of all of the previous.

Path to Certification


Join SunSpec

A company must be a member of the SunSpec Alliance to have its products and applications tested for certification as well as using the applicable SunSpec Certified logo.


Apply for Product Certification

Review the SunSpec Certified Agreement, then fill in the Certification Application.

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