New Technology For Review

This section contains specifications and other technology that has not yet been released to the public and is posted here for review and comment. Comments from our recent document review are being incorporated now and final publication will occur in March 2020.

New 700 Series Model Definitions for IEEE 1547 Near Approval

SunSpec Modbus is an open standard that enables interoperability amongst DER system components. Referenced in IEEE 1547-2018, the SunSpec Modbus 701-712 Series DER Information Models are just months away from being promoted from TEST status to APPROVED status, thus...

SunSpec Device Web Service API Specification

TEST status.  This specification describes a Representational State Transfer (RESTful) interface, compatible with HTTPS, to read and write device data that conforms to the SunSpec Device Information Models. It enables software developers to implement both the server...

SunSpec DER Information Model Specification

TEST status. This document describes the SunSpec Distributed Energy Resource (DER) information models that provide support for IEEE 1547-2018 functionality using SunSpec information models.

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