SunSpec Rapid Shutdown Certification

The SunSpec Certified program for Rapid Shutdown verifies compliance to the SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Functional Specification to meet the requirement established by National Electrical Code (NEC) 2017. PV module-level power control and safety (“rapid shutdown”) is required in 24 states starting in January 2019 and will affect millions of PV panels and all solar inverters. This standard is tested using UL 1741 SA criteria. Please visit the SunSpec Rapid Shutdown Program.

SunSpec Rapid Shutdown Certification Testing must be conducted by one of our Authorized Test Labs (ATLs). Each test lab is free to determine its own testing and fee structures. Once a Certification Application and payment have been submitted to SunSpec a shared space is opened where your ATL test engineer can submit test results for our analysis.  SunSpec evaluates the test results for compliance to SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Functional Specification and theSunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Test Specification and then awards the Certificate! 

The SunSpec Rapid Shutdown package includes:

  • Rapid Shutdown Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Functional Specification
  • SunSpec Communication Signal for Rapid Shutdown Test Specification
  • PICS Template

Complete form to access specifications

Applicable Components

SunSpec Rapid Shutdown is typically implemented in association with Inverters and PV modules though other configurations are possible.

Integrated Component View

SunSpec communication signal for module level rapid shutdown diagram

Market Benefits of the Rapid Shutdown Specification and Certification Program

First Responder Safety

Provides simple, robust, and reliable solution to shut down the voltage at module level to 1V per module (NEC2017 requires < 80V).

Industry Benefits and Growth

Lowest cost solution to what is a fundamental market requirement.
Reduces installation and interconnection cost with Plug-and-Play system components.Reports system health every time the sun comes up or the system is re-activated.

Consumer Benefits and Protection

Open standard protects consumers with competitive pricing, multi-vendor choices, differentiated options and value availability. Ensures system service and upgrades with choice of vendors and interoperable components.Increases consumer safety and confidence in DER technology.

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