Stilo Energy – The First Polish Company in the SunSpec Alliance

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The photovoltaic (PV) industry has been experiencing a real boom in Poland for several years. There is no doubt that in a short time it is the photovoltaic cells that will become the most significant source of the so-called clean energy. Undoubtedly, a great contribution to the dynamic growth of the PV industry in our country are government programs under which we can count on the reimbursement of the costs of purchasing a photovoltaic installation

One of the most popular programs is “My Electricity”, under which we receive a reimbursement of up to 50%, but not more than 5,000. PLN. This form of co-financing can be counted on by natural persons who decide to install installations with a capacity of 2 to 10 kW. The data shows that in Poland over 85,000 of households received a positive decision to reimburse part of the costs incurred for this form of electricity generation.

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The largest Polish companies are also involved in the development of photovoltaics, whose potential will allow us to accelerate the change in the energy profile of our country, which will be one of the greatest challenges in the coming years.

“Photovoltaics is already the cheapest source of energy in history. RES cost-effectiveness [renewable energy sources – perm. ed.] is constantly growing, which is why we are consistently developing the PKN Orlen energy segment based on clean technologies ”- this is one of the most recent tweets of Daniel Obajtek, president of PKN Orlen.

The dynamic growth of the photovoltaic market brings new challenges, such as the standardization of energy transmission from micro-installations and the creation of one, well-connected and effective system. It is difficult to imagine that when developing micro-installations on a mass scale, different communication systems will be used between the installations and distribution network operators.

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The Sunspec Alliance is an organization that brings together companies from the photovoltaic industry around the world and develops standards in this area. It associates over 100 entities from around the world, representing the solar and distributed energy industry. Stilo Energy is the first, and so far the only, Polish company from the photovoltaic industry to join Sunspec Alliance.

Observing the evolution of the PV industry on the American market, which is now in its maturity phase, we can see that one of the key elements necessary to maintain the security of the energy system is the effective management of distributed electricity generation units. The popularization of green energy must be followed by the development of technology in the field of its storage, transmission management, etc. The dynamic development of the industry, which we are currently observing in Poland, is both a challenge and an opportunity to improve the energy system and reduce energy management costs. Therefore, quick implementation of the best practices and standards that Sunspec undoubtedly offers, and building awareness among all players on the young Polish market,

The goal of Sunspec Alliance is to reduce costs, promote innovation and accelerate the development of photovoltaics by developing and adopting common information standards to ensure the compatibility of PV systems. Sunspec standards apply to the operation of solar power plants and energy storage in smart grids – including residential, commercial and utility scale systems.

Additional PLN 100 million for “My Electricity”

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management receives an average of 1,000 applications a day for co-financing the purchase and installation of a home photovoltaic installation. According to the portal, by October 16, Poles submitted approx. 174 thousand. applications for such subsidies with a total capacity of 973.6 MW, costing a total of PLN 4.6 billion. The PLN 2 billion pool in the “My Electricity” program may be exhausted in a month, but there are many indications that it will be increased by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management by another PLN 100 million, which will extend the application process until December 18 and finance the purchase of photovoltaics for another 20 thousand families.


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