Sunspec Academy

Training The Distributed Energy Industry

The goal of SunSpec Academy is to offer training, technical support, and educational resources for distributed energy industry participants. Offered to both members and non-members of the SunSpec Alliance, SunSpec Academy training modules are available online and result in both SunSpec and NABCEP accredation. 

Technical Training

Designed to support company’s onboarding new employees or building out new development teams, SunSpec Academy offers everything from introductory-level courses on current DER technologies, to expert-level training modules in SunSpec technologies such as SunSpec Modbus implementation, SunSpec Certification, and SunSpec software. 

SunSpec Support

As a mid-level tier of SunSpec Technical Support, SunSpec Academy offers a wealth of information to support implementation teams working with SunSpec technologies such as SunSpec Modbus, SunSpec Modbus for 1547, 2030.5 profiles, and SunSpec Rapid Shutdown. 

Educational Resources

As a trade alliance with the mission of accelerating the adoption of Distributed Energy and Vehicle-to-Grid technologies, SunSpec is committed to providing relevant educational materials to improve industry knowledge of important topics. 





Authorized Test Labs

SunSpec SVP Dashboard 1547 Plus Pack


Available to Members of the SunSpec Alliance, the SunSpec System Validation Platform (SVP) Dashboard is a Microsoft Windows application that enables visibility and control of SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices. Built on a friendly web-based graphical user interface, key features include the following:

  • Test scripts for validating SunSpec Modbus interface of DER devices

  • Test scripts for validating IEEE 1547.1-2020 functional- and interoperability compliance of DER devices

  • Powerful environment for script customization with example scripts for automating lab equipment (i.e. PV simulator, grid simulator, and data acquisition equipment)

Download the SunSpec Modbus for 1547 Specification Package

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      SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547-2018 Education

      SunSpec offers online education courses for DER industry professionals working with SunSpec Modbus. Earn a certificate in Communications Software Development for DER, or take the Implementation of SunSpec Modbus course. Members of the SunSpec Alliance receive a 20% discount on all courses.

      SunSpec Authorized Testing Laboratories (ATL)

      SunSpec offers access to a network of SunSpec Modbus and IEEE 2030.5 protocol testing laboratories that are skilled in DER communication protocols. Most SunSpec ATLs are also Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) as designated by OSHA.

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