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SunSpec Authorized Test Software Providers (SunSpec ATSP) offer test software and services to support the implementation of protocols named in the IEEE 1547-2018 standard: IEEE 2030.5, IEEE 1815 (DNP3), and SunSpec Modbus. 

As a SunSpec ATSP, your company will market and sell tools for the development and testing of new products in a rapidly growing industry. Gaining early access to a wide range of companies within the SunSpec ecosystem, SunSpec ATSPs benefit from joint marketing efforts as well as opportunities to participate in SunSpec Alliance Member activities such as work groups, training sessions, and one-on-one support meetings. 


SunSpec Authorized Test Software Providers

SunSpec Authorized Test Software Providers play an integral role in the testing and development of IEEE 2030.5/CSIP communication products. Here is a list of current SunSpec ATSPs:

We are proud to announce that QualityLogic, an industry leader in software testing tools and services, has officially joined us as the first SunSpec Authorized Test Software Provider. QualityLogic has been developing test tools for over three decades and is a proven partner in the Smart Energy sector. They were the first to develop IEEE 2030.5 test tools, starting in 2010. In 2018, QualityLogic became a key partner in developing the SunSpec CSIP test specification. The QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 test tools were the first to implement the SunSpec CSIP CA Rule 21 test specification and are currently being used by leading test labs and vendors around the world.


If your company would like to become a SunSpec ATSP, fill out the form here and we will respond with a qualifying interview. Just like the SunSpec Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) program, all companies meeting the program criteria will be admitted.

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