SunSpec SVP Dashboard Beta 0.9.2

Welcome to the SunSpec System Validation Platform (SVP) Dashboard Beta Launch 0.9.2. As a valued Member of the SunSpec Alliance and an early adopter of this technology, your feedback will contribute to the future development of SVP Dashboard and will be reflected in upcoming releases. 

Features of Beta 0.9.2

As a Beta release, this version of SVP Dashboard is intended strictly for evaluation of the application’s user interface and is being offered exclusively to select Members of the SunSpec Alliance. The features included in this release are limited to fundamental functionalities of the application and do not reflect its complete capabilities:

  • Enables interrogation and status discovery of SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices.
  • Supports all SunSpec models including 700 series.
  • Supports SunSpec Modbus TCP read/write only.

Coming Soon

SunSpec SVP Dashboard is a Windows application that provides interrogation, inspection, and testing capabilities for SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices. Offering unrivaled value for product developers, field service providers, and test labs, upcoming releases can be expected to include the following additions and more: 

  • The ability to automatically generate a Protocol Information Conformance Statement (PICS) for interrogated devices to accelerate communication interface development.
  • Support for SunSpec Modbus RTU read/write.
  • The ability to export device images for a streamlined certification process.
  • The ability to point at additional SunSpec information model directories for the purpose of defining and maintaining vendor specific models. 
  • Automated testing capabilities for IEEE 1547 and CA Rule 21 profiles.
  • Increased ‘help’ section functionality.

Download SunSpec SVP Dashboard Beta 0.9.2

To download SunSpec SVP Dashboard Beta, you must be an active Member of the SunSpec Alliance. If your membership is no longer active, or you would like to become a Member, please click here.


Additional Notes
  • License for this version is set to expire on July 15, 2020.
  • Application is compatible with Windows 7 and above.


Please use this guide for assistance during the SunSpec SVP Dashboard Beta 0.9.2 installation process:

For information about SunSpec Modbus 700 series models, please visit the SunSpec New Technology page:

Provide Your Feedback

As an early adopter of the SunSpec SVP Dashboard, we request that you please provide your feedback and insights into the user experience of this application. Items to review include technical issues, the application web access and installation process, and the device interaction experience for read/write capabilities. 

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