Webinar One: Cybersecurity in Solar, an Overview

Cybersecurity and authentication for distributed energy resource networks in the U.S.


Wednesday, April 10, 2019
11am Pacific




  • Tom Tansy, Chairman, SunSpec Alliance
  • Bob Fox, Principal Engineer, SunSpec Alliance
  • Massimiliano Pala, Principal Security Architect, CableLabs

What constitutes “security” and why does it matter to the DER industry?  What are the mandates driving the need for cybersecurity solutions?  How do you implement proper security in Internet of Things (IoT) and device ecosystems? This webinar will cover some of the basic concepts behind network cybersecurity and the need for a scalable solution at a time when autonomous devices are increasingly Internet-connected. Network security was once about access control for human users on the network, and devices were simply the means by which those users accessed the network. Because they log in and operate more or less autonomously, DER and IoT devices are themselves now users on the network.

This session covers fundamentals of network authentication, public key infrastructure (PKI), and certificate authorities and how they can apply to connected device networks, including CA Rule 21. In addition, device ecosystems must deal with a level of scale that was previously unheard of in network security. This webinar will also cover implementing security at manufacturing scales.

Attendees of this webinar will get answers to the following questions

  • What are the state and national standards that mandate DER security?  When do they go into effect?  In what states?
  • What constitutes “network security”?
  • How do you implement security during the product manufacturing stage?
  • How do you manage network security at scale?
  • What is Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)?
  • What is a digital certificate and how does it work?
  • How are digital certificates used?

Related DER Communication Protocols

  • SunSpec Modbus
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 2030.5/ Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP), the governing specification for the California Rule 21 tariff
  • IEEE 1815
  • International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC) 62351

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