SunSpec Modbus for 1547 Certification

SunSpec Modbus, a default communication and interoperability standard specified in IEEE 1547-2018, enables Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and smart inverters to be controlled and monitored by operators, thus enhancing the value of DER and improving grid health. The SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547 interface is fully interoperable with IEEE 2030.5 and IEEE 1815, the other communication interfaces identified in IEEE 1547-2018.

Certifying your product to the SunSpec Modbus for IEEE 1547 standard is the simplest and most important step you can take to reduce the time needed for IEEE 1547.1-2020 clause 6 interoperability testing and for achieving UL 1741 SB compliance.

The SunSpec Modbus for 1547 package includes:

    • SunSpec Modbus Fact Sheet
    • SunSpec Technology Overview
    • SunSpec Device Information Model Specification
    • SunSpec DER Information Model Specification
    • SunSpec Information Model Reference Sheet
    • SunSpec Modbus IEEE 1547-2018 Specification, Profile and Implementation Guide
    • SunSpec SVP Dashboard Download
    • SunSpec SVP Dashboard License Request (Membership required)
    • SunSpec Modbus for 1547 Test Specification (coming soon)
    • SunSpec Model Definition (Includes SMDX and JSON) (Download from Github)



Applicable Components

Inverters that need to comply with IEEE 1547-2018.


  • Support for IEEE 1547-2018 with SunSpec Modbus


The SunSpec System Validation Platform (SVP) Dashboard is a Microsoft Windows application that enables visibility and control of SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices. The web browser-based interface leverages standardized SunSpec device information models and a web-service application program interface (API) for test harness integration, certification, and support activities.

Designed to support software developers and software test labs in preparing products for SunSpec Certification, SunSpec SVP Dashboard may be upgraded to include automated test suites for SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices. The following features are included in the SunSpec Modbus for 1547 Plus Pack:

  • A profile for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Certification, including a complete SunSpec Modbus communication verification test that results in a SunSpec Certification mark.
  • A test procedure for SunSpec Modbus for 1547 Certification (that references the IEEE 1547.1 interoperability test procedure) and a CA Rule 21 compliance test procedure.
  • A test procedure for SunSpec Modbus Certification with the addition of a 1547.1 Interoperability test script.



SunSpec 1547 Initiative News and Updates

Get Ready for the Countdown to UL 1741 Certification

The Deadline is Approaching!   Smart inverters are becoming a key component for ensuring a safe and reliable energy grid in the U.S. and states such as California, Hawaii, New York, and Pennsylvania are mobilizing to adopt IEEE 1547-2018, the national grid...

SunSpec Modbus 700 Series DER Information Models are now APPROVED

Referenced in IEEE 1547-2018, the SunSpec Modbus 701-712 Series DER Information Models have officially been promoted from TEST status to APPROVED status, thus superseding the SunSpec Modbus 100 Series Models that were first introduced in 2009. Also now promoted from...

Four SunSpec Specifications Now in Countdown to APPROVAL

We're excited to announce that four SunSpec specifications have entered the final countdown of moving from TEST to APPROVED status. During this 45-day window for technical comments and IPR Review, which will begin on March 11, 2021 and conclude on April 20, 2021,...

New 700 Series Model Definitions for IEEE 1547 Near Approval

SunSpec Modbus is an open standard that enables interoperability amongst DER system components. Referenced in IEEE 1547-2018, the SunSpec Modbus 701-712 Series DER Information Models are just months away from being promoted from TEST status to APPROVED status, thus...

All New SunSpec SVP Dashboard is Now Available!

The all new SunSpec System Validation Platform (SVP) Dashboard is now available! As a Windows application that provides interrogation, inspection, and testing capabilities for SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices, SunSpec SVP Dashboard offers unprecedented value for product...

IEEE 1547.1 – 2020 Is Officially Published

IEEE 1547.1 – 2020 Is Officially Published

Dear SunSpec Alliance Members and Friends, On May 21, 2020, the IEEE 1547.1-2020 standard was officially published, making smart inverters with standard communication interfaces the official U.S. national standard for Distributed Energy Resources (DER).  The...