SunSpec Software

SunSpec provides software tools and reference designs to enable SunSpec Alliance Members and partners to rapidly develop and deploy SunSpec Certified solutions in the field. Available software and reference design solutions include:

Available Software and Reference Design Solutions Include

Open Source

Available open source tools and references include:

  • Orange Button
  • Orange Button taxonomy
  • PyOBLib
  • SunSpec Modbus
  • Python library
  • Test tools
  • Open SVP

SunSpec SVP

The SunSpec System Validation Platform (SunSpec SVP) provides a framework for testing and validating SunSpec compliant devices and applications. Three principal types of testing have been targeted: SunSpec protocol conformance testing, equipment functional testing, and SunSpec Application Program Interface testing.

SVP Dashboard

The SunSpec Dashboard is a Microsoft Windows 7 application that enables interrogation and inspection of devices that use SunSpec communication technology:

  • Enables interrogation and status discovery of SunSpec-enabled devices
  • Enables capture of device status
  • Accelerates device communication interface development by automatically generating a SunSpec Protocol Information Conformance Statement (PICS) for each interrogated device

The SunSpec Dashboard supports all SunSpec models using SMDX model definitions including vendor extension models.

Asset Performance Suite

The SunSpec Asset Performance Suite is a pair of cloud-based web applications, called Open Solar Performance Clearinghouse (oSPARC) and O&M Cost Model, that enable portfolio managers to optimize the financial and operational performance of Distributed Energy Resource (DER) systems.