Open Source

SunSpec offers a variety of open source reference software based on SunSpec standards and supports a vibrant open source community. All repositories are maintained on GitHub and are offered a variety of open source licenses. 

Orange Button Open Source

Orange Button is an open data exchange standard for the distributed solar PV industry. Comprised of information models, a standard taxonomy, a standard Application Program Interface (API), and supporting compliance test suites, Orange Button enables the free flow of data between information systems used in the solar asset lifecycle to decrease long term costs and increase innovation.

Orange Button Taxonomy

Orange Button taxonomy, hosted under the SunSpecOrangeButton organization on GitHub. This is the canonical source and is for programmatic access.


PyOBLib is the Orange Button Python Library

SunSpec Modbus

SunSpec Modbus link to Github coming soon.

Python Library

Python library link to Github coming soon.

Test Tools

Link to test tools coming soon.

Open SVP

Open SVP link coming soon.