CA Rule 21 Specifications (2030.5/CSIP)

California Rule 21 requires that, by default, Distributed Energy Resources within Investor Owned Utilities (IOU) must utilize the IEEE™ 2030.5-2018 networking standard in the manner described in the Common Smart Inverter Profile.

Products certified by SunSpec to the 2030.5 standard for wide area communication can be installed on sites connected to California Investor Owned Utilities and have the confidence in their compatibility with local area communication protocols like the freely available SunSpec Modbus Standards.

The 2030.5/CSIP package includes:

  • SunSpec Common Smart Inverter Profile (CSIP)
  • SunSpec Common Smart Inverter Profile Test Procedure
  • SunSpec DER Information Model and UL1741 Supplement SA Interoperability Report
  • SunSpec IEEE 2030.5/CSIP Conformance Test Procedures Results Reporting
  • SunSpec Test PKI Certificate Application Note
  • PICS Template


Download 2030.5/CSIP Specifications
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