Summer Quarter 2020: Secure Communication Networking for Distributed Energy Resources

DateSummer Quarter, Starting July 7, 2020 LocationOnline This online, nine-week course is intended to provide current and future engineers working in the distributed energy industry with the information they need to design products that incorporate secure communication networking and deploy networks that incorporate these products. The course will also cover considerations associated with integrating the […]

Summer Quarter 2020: Introduction to Distributed Energy Resources in the Electric Grid

DateSummer Quarter, Starting July 14, 2020 LocationOnline The Nation's electric energy generation sources are rapidly transitioning from large central generation plants that burn fossil fuels to distributed generation systems (often located on rooftops) that use renewable energy sources such as solar photovoltaic. Important standards and regulation, like IEEE 1547-2018 at the federal level or California […]

Summer Quarter 2020: Introduction to Cybersecurity in the Smart Energy Environment

Date Summer Quarter, Starting July 14, 2020 Location Online With increasing number of IoT devices being connected to the Internet, cybersecurity has become a vital requirement for the safe, reliable, and secure operation of those devices. Cybersecurity is especially important for a Smart Energy DER device as it is connected to the critical electric grid […]