IEEE 2030.5 / V2G AC Profile Now in TEST Status

As of June 27, 2022, the IEEE 2030.5 / SAE J3072 EV Charging Profile Work Group officially promoted its IEEE 2030.5 V2G-AC Profile Implementation Guide for SAE J3072 from DRAFT to TEST status. 

This profile serves to assist EVSE and PEV manufacturers, operators, and system integrators to implement the SAE J3072 requirements using the IEEE 2030.5 protocol. SAE J3072 establishes requirements for a grid support inverter system function which is integrated into a plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) which connects in parallel with an electric power system (EPS) by way of conductively coupled, electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE).

Normally, a profile simply limits the scope of the underlying standard (i.e., IEEE 2030.5) for a specific use case (i.e., SAE J3072). However, this profile does more than this. It also serves as an implementation guide for developers. As such, this profile fills in gaps in the communications protocol as well as the functional behavior of the EVSE and the PEV that are not directly addressed in other standards. There are normative requirements defined in this profile that are not provided in SAE J3072, IEEE 2030.5, or IEEE 1547.

Calls to Action: 

1. Download the document

2. Implement the profile

3. Submit comments

4. Join the work group

What is TEST Status?

In SunSpec terminology, TEST status means that the document is unlikely to contain significant defects and that it is ready to be implemented in demonstration projects, field tests, and early deployments. If defects of any type are discovered, technical comments are submitted and are then remedied in a new TEST document. The process is repeated until the work group decides to move the document to APPROVED.


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