SunSpec Device Interface (SunSpec Modbus) Work Group

The Device Interface (SunSpec Modbus) Work Group will work on updates to the SunSpec Modbus specification package. The updates include additions to SunSpec information modeling, new DER information models for IEEE 1547-2018 support, and a device RESTful web service interface using SunSpec information models. Starting June 2022, the work group will turn its focus to addressing common issues and pitfalls associated with implementing SunSpec Modbus in the IEEE 1547-2018 context. 

Group Leaders

Project Leader(s):

David Erhart of STEM

SunSpec Representative:

Bob Fox 

Current Agenda (June – August 2022)

Develop best practice document that addresses:

  • 1741/1547 testing using SunSpec Modbus (manufacturer perspective)
  • Mapping SunSpec Modbus to IEEE 2030.5 protocols in gateway applications


    Topics Covered

    The work group scope is to enhance and develop the SunSpec Modbus interface in each of the functional areas it serves.  As we restart this workgroup, we will focus on the following  areas:

    • Understanding the new SunSpec information models that support the IEEE 1547 interface for Distributed Energy Resources
    • How to migrate from SunSpec 100 series models to the new 700 series DER 700 models
    • Understanding the new SunSpec information modeling technique
    • Reviewing and refining the current specification (currently TEST status)



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      Meeting Scheduled

      This Work Group meets via GoToMeeting biweekly.


      SunSpec Modbus was officially named in the IEEE 1547-2018 standard as an approved standard interface. Due to functional changes in IEEE 1547, additional SunSpec Modbus information models and data points were required. The current work group effort seeks to ratify the changes made to the SunSpec Modbus models and educate the community how to use these models in practice.


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