SunSpec Modbus 

SunSpec Modbus is an open standard, referenced in IEEE 1547-2018, that enables interoperability amongst DER system components. The SunSpec Alliance currently manages SunSpec Modbus testing directly and is in the process of transferring testing responsibilities to SunSpec Authorized Test Laboratories.

SunSpec Modbus Test Scripts

Applicable Components

Inverters, batteries, meters, string combiners, trackers, metrology stations, and charge controllers.

SunSpec Modbus Open Standard Interoperability

SunSpec Modbus open standard diagram IEEE 1547-2018 communication interfaces diagram

Please provide your contact info to download these files. Available files/links:

  • SunSpec Modbus Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Technology Overview
  • Information Model Specification
  • Information Model Reference
  • Report from IREC, “Making the Grid Smarter: State Primer on Adopting the New IEEE Standard 1547™-2018 for Distributed Energy Resources”
  • SunSpec Modbus Certification Mark Use Guidelines

SunSpec Modbus News and Updates

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