SunSpec SVP Dashboard 

SunSpec SVP Dashboard is a Windows application that provides interrogation, inspection, and testing capabilities for SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices. SunSpec SVP Dashboard offers the following benefits for product developers, software testers, and independent test labs:

  • Reduces the time required to implement SunSpec Modbus interfaces.
  • Tests SunSpec Modbus implementations for conformance to the standard.
  • Quickly prepares your product for SunSpec Certification.
  • Diagnoses SunSpec Certified multi-vendor hardware in the field.

Download SunSpec SVP Dashboard

SunSpec SVP Dashboard is available to Members of the SunSpec Alliance. If your membership is no longer active, or you would like to become a Member, please click here.

To access SunSpec SVP Dashboard, please fill out the form below and a download link will be emailed to you. 

Additional Notes
  • Starting November 15, 2020, users must become a Member or purchase a license to retain access.
  • Application is compatible with Windows 7 and above.
  • Current version: 2.1.1

Features of SVP Dashboard

Offering unprecedented value in time savings, SunSpec SVP Dashboard includes the following capabilities:

  • Interact with SunSpec Modbus-enabled devices in real time with the ability to scan, discover information models and allow interaction with each information model’s content, including 700 series models.
  • Automatically generate a Protocol Information Conformance Statement (PICS) for interrogated devices to support SunSpec certification submission.
  • Full read/write support for SunSpec Modbus TCP and RTU.
  • View precise SunSpec Modbus address and data contents for easy association between the SunSpec Modbus map and SunSpec model organization.
  • Generate and store new vendor specific SunSpec information models.
  • Generate custom SunSpec model reference documents in XLSX format.
  • Create SunSpec information model definitions from XLSX spreadsheets.
  • Export SunSpec Modbus device images for archiving and diagnostic purposes.

Coming Soon: Automated Test Suite for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Certification

Coming Spring 2021, SunSpec SVP Dashboard may be upgraded to include an automated test suite for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Certification. Features available for purchase in this release will include the following:  

  • A profile for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Certification, including a complete SunSpec Modbus communication verification test that results in a SunSpec Certification mark.
  • A test procedure for SunSpec Modbus 1547 Certification (that references the IEEE 1547.1 interoperability test procedure) and a CA Rule 21 compliance test procedure. 
  • A test procedure for SunSpec Modbus Certification with the addition of a 1547.1 Interoperability test script.  





Please use this guide for assistance during the SunSpec SVP Dashboard installation process:

For information about SunSpec Modbus 700 series models, please visit the SunSpec New Technology page:

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As an early adopter of SunSpec SVP Dashboard, we request that you please provide your feedback and insights into the user experience of this application. Items to review include technical issues, the application web access and installation process, and the device interaction experience for read/write capabilities. 

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