SunSpec Work Groups

About SunSpec Work Groups

SunSpec hosts a series of technical workgroups to develop interoperability specifications for smart inverters, energy storage, cybersecurity, financial data exchange, and solar performance management.

Who Should Participate

We encourage product developers, product managers, and software engineers working in Distributed Energy to attend as we will be discussing technical content required to specify information models and data communication interfaces. Please come ready to contribute.

Participation Rules

SunSpec runs an open process that conforms to the SunSpec Alliance intellectual property rights policy. This policy enables us to offer SunSpec specifications to the public free of charge under an open source license. To participate in the workgroups, you must either be a Member of the SunSpec Alliance or engage as a Limited Participant.

Join Now

If you would like to join the SunSpec Alliance, and there are many important reasons to do so, become a Member of the SunSpec Alliance or contact SunSpec Member Services for more information.

To participate in the work groups without being a member, apply to join as a Limited Participant.

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