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SunSpec Alliance Annual Members Meeting:
January 16th, 2024









About the event

The SunSpec Alliance and its members, through its technology initiatives and standards, are driving the market. Join us in San Diego to learn how to leverage the SunSpec technology advantage, shape the smart energy future, and network with like-minded individuals who are ready to do business.

This in-person event also features networking opportunities–including a cocktail reception–with your peers and colleagues in the industry, as well as a timely half-day workshop on automating UL1741 SB testing for a competitive advantage.


SunSpec Alliance – Member Meeting General Session (9am-12pm)


The SunSpec Alliance sets, and enables companies to implement, the communication and cybersecurity standards that define Distributed Energy Resource (DER) management and Electric Vehicle (EV) charging industries. These standards—including UL©1741 SB and SC, IEEE©1547-2018, IEEE©2030.5, SAE©3072/3068 (EV charging), and SunSpec© Device Cybersecurity—and the technologies they represent are now mainstream. Are you ready? Come to the SunSpec Alliance Annual Member Meeting and DER Technology Conference to prepare for what’s ahead.


The Big Picture

We are at a real inflection point in the DER industry, as evidenced by several important developments:

  • Smart DER, enabled by the IEEE 1547 standard, have begun forming virtual power plants. 
  • The Inflation Reduction Act has unleashed $1 billion for investment in networked DER and EV charging.
  • The White House announced its National Cybersecurity Strategy, and the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) introduced its Cybersecurity Performance Goals–both of which anticipate increased responsibilities for market participants.
  • EV sales are projected to expand to 1 million units, or 18% of the global market, by 2025

Taken together, these trends signal tremendous opportunity in 2024 and beyond for those companies that are prepared to navigate the rapidly changing marketplace. 


What You Will Learn

  • The state of the SunSpec Alliance and how to leverage its resources
  • How the SunSpec Alliance is helping members capitalize on smart inverter and cybersecurity development 
  • The technology and regulatory trends shaping the DER and EV industries at the federal and state level
  • How Inverter-Based Resources (IBR) and DER can participate in ancillary services and grid support markets
  • Considerations for incorporating EV charging and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) into your DER solution
  • The national cybersecurity landscape and how to develop a cybersecurity strategy for critical grid infrastructure

SunSpec IEEE 1547 Automated Testing Workshop (1pm – 5pm)

The SunSpec IEEE 1547 Automated Workshop, a four-hour, hands-on session, is intended for manufacturers of power conversion products (solar inverters, energy storage management systems, and EV chargers) that must comply with IEEE 1547-2018 and the UL 1741 SB standards. 

Through a set of interactive, instructor-led exercises, this workshop will demonstrate how automation can reduce compliance testing time and labor by 80%, accelerate time to market by months, and improve your company’s cybersecurity posture. Workshop, participants will learn:

  • Introduction to IEEE 1547-2018 and UL 1741 SB standards
    • Economic and technical benefits of IEEE 1547-2018 compatible smart inverters
    • Purpose of IEEE 1547-2018, IEEE 1547.1-2020, and UL 1741 SB 
    • Role of automated testing in IEEE 1547-2018 smart inverter development
  • New capabilities of the IEEE 1547-2018 standard
    • Quantitative and parametric differences between IEEE 1547-2018 and the preceding version IEEE 1547-2003 and their effects on testing methodology
    • Purpose and use cases of IEEE 1547-2018 standard protocols (SunSpec Modbus, IEEE 2030.5, and DNP3)
    • Importance of communication protocol testing and certification prior to IEEE 1547 and UL 1741 SB conformance testing
  • Automated testing laboratory set up, configuration, and test execution (hands on)
    • Laboratory equipment requirements and specifications
    • Configuring the automated test environment (creating/loading in product/protocol information conformance statements, creating a test project)
    • Running automated IEEE 1547-2018 automated tests
      • Full sweep
      • Individual tests
    • Analyzing IEEE 1547-2018 test results
      • In process
      • End of test run
    • Generating artifacts and the final test report
  • Other considerations
    • Training your people
    • Working with Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTLs) at your facility (“Witness Testing”)

Please come and learn about new technology developments in the DER industry, engage with the SunSpec ecosystem, acquire important skills, and have some fun. See you there.


Networking and Cocktail Hour (6pm – 9pm)

Join us for networking, bites, and cocktails! Location to be announced closer to the event.


Companies and individuals who want to drive standards in the renewable energy industry should join the SunSpec Alliance. Our objective is to accelerate the growth of the renewable energy economy by enabling SunSpec Alliance members to leverage the benefits of automation, interoperability, economies of scale, and full participation in the Smart Grid.


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