MESA Standards Alliance and SunSpec Alliance Announce MESA-Device Certification Program

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (September 15, 2020) – The MESA Standards Alliance and the SunSpec Alliance
are pleased to announce a new joint testing and certification program for the MESA-Device
specification. Vendors will now be able to receive certification via third-party authenticators, ensuring
their products meet the requirements of this specification and will be interoperable with other certified
components of energy storage systems (ESS).

“The MESA Standards Alliance prides itself on collaboration as it works toward the creation of open,
non-proprietary specifications and information models that utilities, developers, and manufacturers
alike can use to achieve interoperability in the storage industry. This milestone represents a significant
step toward the ability to become Certified to the MESA-Device specification,” said Scott Gibson of
Snohomish County Public Utility District, Chair of the MESA Board of Directors.

A new Specification Compliance Verification Guide is now posted on the MESA and SunSpec websites
describing the process to verify inverter compliance with the SunSpec Modbus-based MESA-Device.
Compliance with the MESA-Device specification ensures greater interoperability among the components
of the ESS (the inverter, power control system, and energy source (e.g., lithium-ion battery)) across the
spectrum of distribution-connected Distributed Energy Resource (DER) scale ESS to large-scale
transmission-connected ESS.

MESA, along with SunSpec member companies and strategic partners, was critical in working toward
this milestone. The certification program and Specification Compliance Verification Guide will improve
open standards in the industry and enhance interoperability while indicating compliance.
“We are excited to be part of the groundbreaking work MESA and SunSpec are putting into the MESA-
Device specification. This process will help Nuvation apply MESA in all of its systems and help the
storage industry advance with the latest technology,” said Michael Worry, CEO, Nuvation Energy.
The process described in the Specification Compliance Verification Guide leverages the SunSpec
certification program. “MESA-Device enables interoperability amongst DER system components, and
SunSpec’s certification program is central to the process for verifying inverter compliance with the
specification. We are excited for what this means for the future of interoperability and DERs
everywhere,” said Tom Tansy, Chairman of SunSpec Alliance.

The MESA Testing & Certification Work Group, led by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, authored
the Specification Compliance Verification Guide. In 2020-21 the Work Group will be creating a similar
technical memo to address verifying compliance with the MESA-DER DNP3 specification, in support of
streamlining integrating utility-scale ESS into utility control systems.

About the MESA Standards Alliance

MESA-Device/SunSpec Modbus Certification Program, September 2020 2
The MESA Standards Alliance is an industry association comprised of electric utilities and technology
suppliers whose mission is to accelerate the growth of distributed energy resources and energy storage
through the development of open and non-proprietary communication specifications. Members include
a growing list of leading utilities and distributed energy and storage solution providers who work
together to build interoperability into their respective products and ensure they are architected for grid
system integration. More information:

About the SunSpec Alliance

SunSpec Alliance is the information standards and certification organization for the Distributed Energy
Resources industry. SunSpec communication standards address operational requirements of solar and
energy storage on the smart grid to reduce cost, promote technology innovation, and accelerate
industry growth. More information:

Darcy Wheeles, MESA Standards Alliance;; (415) 602-4213
Thomas Semow, SunSpec Alliance;; (510) 541-2139

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