SunSpec Modbus 

SunSpec Modbus is an open standard, referenced in IEEE 1547-2018, that enables interoperability amongst DER system components. The SunSpec Alliance currently manages SunSpec Modbus testing directly and is in the process of transferring testing responsibilities to SunSpec Authorized Test Laboratories.

The SunSpec Modbus package includes:

  • SunSpec Modbus Fact Sheet
  • SunSpec Technology Overview
  • SunSpec Device Information Model Specification
  • SunSpec DER Information Model Specification
  • SunSpec Information Model Reference (includes APPROVED 700 Series DER Models)
  • SunSpec Model Definition (Includes SMDX and JSON) (Download from Github)
  • SunSpec Energy Storage Model Description
  • SunSpec Modbus Vendor Extensions
  • SunSpec Modbus IEEE 1547-2018 Specification, Profile and Implementation Guide
  • SunSpec SVP Dashboard Download
  • SunSpec SVP Dashboard License Request (Membership required


Download SunSpec Modbus Specifications
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