TerraHub Joins the SunSpec Alliance

TerraHub Joins the SunSpec Alliance

TerraHub is excited to announce it has joined the SunSpec Alliance. By participating in SunSpec, we hope to implement and inform standards for information exchange concerning plant design, construction, and operations & maintenance. TerraHub believes that strong and widely adopted standards in this area will lower costs across the board while providing a greater degree of robustness the industry is looking for.
TerraHub members have participated in the ASTM standards process, the Quality PV effort, and are pleased to be a part of the newly approved ASTM standard on the Installation Commissioning Operations and Maintenance Process (ICOMP) http://www.astm.org/WorkItems/WK43549.htm

TerraHub provides turn-key project and asset management for solar power development. Our suite of software tools support EPCs, O&M providers, and asset owners and purchasers in designing, constructing, documenting, maintaining, managing, and verifying their solar projects.

TerraHub makes best practice, transparency, and standardization the cheapest, best way to build the renewable energy grid and keep it running We provide automatic, standardized documentation for construction, inspections, maintenance, and asset purchases.  TerraHub aims to reduce the cost of construction project management and O&M by making tools that fit how people work.

For more information about TerraHub’s application to the different phases of the solar power lifecycle, visit www.terrahub.io and www.vimeo.com/TerraHub. TerraHub will also be at SolarPlaza Asset Management 2015 in San Francisco. For purchasing information and a demonstration and in-depth Q&A session, please send an email to info@terrahub.io.

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SunSpec Alliance is the information standards and certification organization for the Distributed Energy Resource (DER) industry. SunSpec communication standards address operational requirements of solar and energy storage on the smart grid.