Stilo Energy Leads Poland’s Transition to Standardization

With a booming PV industry, Poland is one of the most promising DER markets in Europe, and recent Polish mandates from grid authorities signal a broader European trend to adopt SunSpec Modbus interface standards for smart inverters. However, the regulatory scheme in Poland is not yet clear and standardization is needed to establish interoperability among system components and to control energy flow from PV units into the grid. 

To better understand the needs of the Polish market and how the SunSpec Alliance can help, we spoke with Michał Gomoliński of Stilo Energy, Poland’s leading PV installation designer.

SunSpec: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us, Michal. Why did Stilo Energy choose to join the SunSpec Alliance?

MG: Observing the evolution of the PV industry on the American market, which has reached the phase of maturity, we have noted that one of the crucial elements required to uphold the safety of the power system is effective management of distributed power generation units. That is why the rapid implementation of best practices and standards (which SunSpec undoubtedly offers) and the building of awareness among all the players on the young Polish market will enable us to reach the phase of maturity more quickly and avoid mistakes committed in other countries.

SunSpec: How do SunSpec standards benefit your organization? 

MG: The principal benefit stemming from joining the SunSpec Alliance is gaining access to its global platform to exchange the most up-to-date knowledge and experience regarding PV industry standards. In this manner we can monitor and actively participate in crafting solutions for the purpose of optimizing the method of managing energy ecosystems. The engineers working in Stilo Energy have access to diagnostic tools enabling them to verify the compatibility of the various components in PV installations with SunSpec Modbus.

SunSpec: How do SunSpec standards benefit Poland?
MG: At Stilo Energy we believe that as green energy becomes more popular, technological development must follow in areas such as storage and transmission management, etc. The rapid development of the industry we are currently witnessing in Poland poses a challenge and an opportunity alike to streamline the power system and reduce the costs of power management. In our opinion, SunSpec and its initiatives related to standardizing the means of communication will contribute to all market players deriving benefit in the future, which also includes owners of residential solar installations.
To learn more about Stilo Energy, visit their website at:
SunSpec is committed to growing the Distributed Energy industry across the globe through standardizing data communications for PV system components. Please let us know how we can help your country’s market move towards standardization by emailing

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